Founded in 1931 with the aim and objective of serving both the Jewish and broader communities

the Union of Jewish Woman South Africa provided welfare projects during the depression years and later during the racially restrictive period of the National Party rule.

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Cape Town


One of Cape Town’s 2019  Mandela Day projects was a special fancy dress party hosted by the Simcha Group at Noluntu Kitchen.


Making sandwiches on Mandela Day.

Guests from the Open Air School, Tafta (Frail Care Centre) and community members making sandwiches on Mandela Day. 1000s of sandwiches were made and our invited project representatives then took their allocations away with them. The balance was delivered to other projects, homes, safe houses, etc.

East London

A suitcase full of baby clothes

Cuddle Bundles, a charity organisation from Australia, sent  a suitcase full of baby clothes to UJW East London, which were presented to Salem Baby Centre.


Weekly friendship club lunch

Our weekly friendship club lunch is a delightful afternoon out for the elderly. Every month we celebrate the birthdays for the month with a delicious cake.

Port Elizabeth


An extract from Nkosinathi’s latest report ‘Very often, the beneficiaries of (Nkosinathi) services lack the resources to provide even basic nutrition for themselves and their children. The donation from the Union of Jewish Women is therefore essential in ensuring that no blind child or adult coming to the Foundation or visited by the Foundation has…


Pretoria’s Chairman presents an ‘Evac Chair’ to the Jaffa Retirement Home

At Pretoria UJW’s AGM, an Evac Chair was presented to Jaffa. The chair is used to evacuate disabled or bed-ridden persons in the event of an emergency such as a fire.