The Union of Jewish Women is a strong supporter of women’s and children’s rights and the 16 days of Activism.  We pledge our support for all abused and violated women and children.


As the Union of Jewish Women, we embrace the victims, we lend our voices to the voiceless and we stand together against:

  • Gender-based violence
  • Domestic Violence
  • Rape
  • Child Abuse
  • Human Trafficking
  • Femicide & honour killings
  • Child Marriages
  • FGM – Female Genital Mutilation

Founded in 1931 with the aim and objective of serving both the Jewish and broader communities

the Union of Jewish Woman South Africa provided welfare projects during the depression years and later during the racially restrictive period of the National Party rule.

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UJW Feeding Schemes

UJW feeds over 400 people every day
If you’ve never experienced hunger, it is difficult to imagine what it is like to go without food. Sadly, too many people in our impoverished communities suffer from debilitating hunger and malnutrition. And never more so than during the COVID-19 pandemic which has led to devastating unemployment and rapid escalation in food prices.


Making sandwiches on Mandela Day.

Guests from the Open Air School, Tafta (Frail Care Centre) and community members making sandwiches on Mandela Day. 1000s of sandwiches were made and our invited project representatives then took their allocations away with them. The balance was delivered to other projects, homes, safe houses, etc.


World Egg Day

UJW’s East London Branch celebrated World Egg Day in October in collaboration with Nulaid Eggs. Breakfast was provided for the children and staff  at Masizakhe Children’s Home outside East London.


The end of the year graduation of the Grade R class at Elundini

The end of the year graduation of the Grade R class at Elundini, one of four projects of UJW’s Kesher Group in the townships. Kesher supports Babes Educare centre in Dunoon; Elundini School for disabled and able-bodied children in Dunoon; Masiluleke Educare centre in Joe Slovo and Vlottenberg Community Centre in Wesbank.  At the end…




Port Elizabeth donates a third water tank to communities affected by the drought

Tracey Meyer Cohen, an ex-South African living in Sydney, Australia, requested that in lieu of birthday presents for herself, her friends rather donate toward a water tank in drought stricken Port Elizabeth. With the money received UJW was able to purchase a water tank for a community in Wells Estate.This community runs a soup kitchen,…